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Easy IP address handling with iptools

iptools is a set of tools for working with IP addresses. The aim is to provide functionality not presently available with any existing R package and to do so with as much speed as possible. To that end, many of the operations are written in Rcpp and require installation of the AsioHeaders package. A current, lofty goal is to mimic most of the functionality of the Python iptools module and make IP addresses first class R objects.

Available on CRAN

NEW FOR 0.3.0.x+!

Thanks to @eddelbuettel we’ve thinned down this version of iptools and it should also work on Windows now!


The package primarily supports IPv4 addresses due to deficiencies in R’s support for large numbers, but there is IPv6 support for some functionality, and we plan to build more in as R improves and as we do. Functionality includes:

  • Converting IP addresses to their numeric form, and then back to strings, with ip_to_numeric and numeric_to_ip;
  • Validating and classifying IP addresses with ip_classify;
  • Range generation and checking with range_boundaries, range_generate and validate_range, country_ranges, and;
  • Several inbuilt IP-related datasets.

For more information, see the vignettes on the functionality and the datasets within iptools.


To install the development version:

# or

iptools depends on the AsioHeaders package which is now in CRAN.

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